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​Run. Swim. Stage a sponsored tightrope walk in fancy dress. Whatever your fundraising challenge, every dime you raise for White Rose will help save lives through education at the International Peace School being established by the Aegis Trust. In the process, the funds you raise will also protect the environment by helping White Rose recycle tons of unwanted fashion.


White Rose generates at least £500 annually from each clothing bank for peace-building through the Aegis Trust (£5,000 over ten years), by selling donated clothing in White Rose recycled fashion boutiques. Aegis are able to leverage this to secure at least five times more funding from foundations and governments seeking to prevent atrocities and strengthen international development.


Set up your page for the Clothing Bank Campaign right here with White Rose on the fundraising platform. UK taxpayers who support you can ALSO claim Gift Aid here - adding 25% to the value of their donation at no extra cost.

​Click 'Start A Fundraiser' and the system will take you through page set-up. It’s really easy, and you can change anything later at the click of a button.

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